To solve any problems our patients may confront, such as:

– Despite the progress that has been made the recent years, there are still several problems that patients with HPH have to face. In fact, the disease is not yet completely understood by both doctors and general population, and this leads both to the difficulty and the delay of a diagnosis. The ignorance of the medical community and the lack of knowledge of the disease delays patients from going to the doctor, and when this happens, the disease is already at an advanced stage.

– Both in Greece and in the global community, there are very few medical centers with special knowledge and clinical experience required to ensure that patients with PAH will have access to treatments that are available and that they will take every possible assistance with this complex disease. Often, our patients have to make long distances to reach the centers, with all the difficulties of the case, especially since the disease requires periodic movements, especially when the patient has permanently channeling oxygen.

– Major problems all patients in Greece have to face today, so us, problems related to administrative – social processes taking drugs, making tests, recognition of our privileges, and generally be associated with disability because of our disease.