“Pulmonary Hypertension Greece – Hellenic Pulmonary Hypertension” is aiming at:

I. The participation of our patients in activities of the Association, in order to develop a spirit of mutual help, mutual support, solidarity and caring for themselves and their families, both in Athens and widely in Greece.

II. The amplification of the social face of our patients and to ensure a proper quality of life through the development of programs related to psychosocial rehabilitation.

III. Fighting against economical and psychological depression of our patients as a risk factor of the disease, but at the same time to support them mentally and financially whenever it is needed.

IV. Raising public awareness on the disease and at the same time ensuring proper updating of prevention and early diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension.

V. The creation of a Centre for Information and Support, which will inform patients about their rights under the existing legislation, as well as the benefits they are entitled to by their insurance fund.

VI. The cooperation of the Association with specialized Hospitals, Non Profit Organizations, Associations, and generally companies or individuals with common goals and objectives.

The mission of “Pulmonary Hypertension Greece – Hellenic Pulmonary Hypertension”

The Association is trying to achieve its objectives by any legal means, with the purpose to:

I. Organize scientific meetings, discussions, lectures, cultural events, and ensure the participation of its members in these activities.

II. Cooperate with universities, research institutions and organizations in Greece and abroad on issues related to the rare disease of Hypertension.

III. Create groups with volunteers on a Welfare Project in accordance to the conditions laid down in the articles of the Association, in order to help, support and inform all people involved with the disease.

IV. Develop a Homecare Program with a provident character and a Program of Home Nursing by creating a “Team of Care and Home Nursing” for Patients with Pulmonary Hypertension in collaboration with the Local Authorities and ministries.

V. Achieve the vocational integration and reintegration of patients with Pulmonary Hypertension, the interconnection and the development of programs with the responsible Departments of the Ministries of Health, Employment, Education and professional associations, trade unions and any Center, collector or generally legal person from public or private common law, with the purpose to enhance mental and physical health and wellness.

VI. Creation of a Hospice for Patients –mainly for indigents– and their Caregivers from throughout Greece who undergo treatments in Athens.

VII. Create a Comforting Hostel for the lonely, indigent –or not indigent– patients with Pulmonary Hypertension.